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Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

Intelligent voice interaction

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General Information

Actions wireless MCU products provide high integration and low power consumption Bluetooth solutions, which are mainly used in Bluetooth voice remote control, voice mouse, voice keyboard, translation machine, voice toy, Bluetooth digital products (such as fingerprint lock, smart medicine box, cold chain logistics, car atomization disinfection, hand washing machine, electric tools, etc.).

An ULTRA low power consumption, high integration BLE MCU chip, In addition to supporting Bluetooth data transmission and MESH networking functions, as it has rich peripheral interfaces (IIS IN/OUT,3*UART, 3*SPI, 2*TWI,5*PWM), this series of products also added IR (Infrared Radiation), Voice over BLE and other features.

Existing wireless MCU chip: ATB1103L

Technical Specifications


Product Applications

  • Bluetooth low power voice remote control
  • Bluetooth Mesh device
  • smart wearable device
  • Beacon
  • Bluetooth low power remote control
  • home automation gateway
  • Smart home sensor

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